No longer counting…

According to my calendar it has been 84 days since we have recieved any measurable rainfall.  It has rained.  Three tenths of an inch last night and more to come.

These are actual storm clouds and not smoke from the wildfires. What a welcome relief!

Our poor dried up yard.  Will the leaves change color before falling or are they so dry they will simply float to the ground?

Here are the boys enjoying their 6th round bale. About halfway thru the bales they have decided they need a new one.  The hay was put up later this year because of the rains so they eat the best and the rest becomes bedding.

Notice who looks up as if to say, “Got something for me, do I need to hustle up the hill to get a goodie?”

We have a new Luc story from this morning’s feeding.  While Jim is in the pasture with the tractor setting a new bale into the feeder the boys are locked into feed jail.  Otherwise Luc has a way of escaping out the open gate and taking the herd with him.  Mr. Luc was impatiently waiting to be released at the feed jail gate.  He always thinks he needs to enjoy the first bite of every new bale.  After locking the pasture gate Jim came over to the feed jail gate and thinking that Luc wanted a good face rub  Jim was busy scratching his head. With no time for Jim to react…. Luc reached up grabbed his hand and put it down by the chain to get the gate opened!

Now don’t tell me these donkeys don’t know exactly what they want and how to inform us dumb humans to “Git Er Done!” NOW!!!!!


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