Galahad’s Turn

Click on the photos to enlarge them. This one I took from the seat half way thru our drive. The smoke haze was close to the horizon. Above that was clear blue skies!

Galahad had a terrific single drive October 7th!  Sunny and 55 degrees, two and a quarter miles in a little over an hour.  He did so well we plan to go again soon!  A perfect day for a perfect outing!

This is my favorite photo of the day. After living with smoke day after day one appreciates fresh air and blue skies!

Jim took this one as we were coming down hill between the yard and the stubble field. Shows how the smoke changes the sky color from bright blue to a smokey haze.


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Teamdonk is all about Kristi's three driving and riding donkeys. Join us as we share our adventures. Meet the boys Luc, Galahad and Merlin. Don't forget to visit the older blogs at, 2010, 2011, 2012 13 & 14 add the year like this
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2 Responses to Galahad’s Turn

  1. Ksenia says:

    I’m happy you are doing single driving so I can see how your harness is set up and hitched. I love the harness. It looks so comfortable for the donkey. Is it a Biothane/ leather combo?

    • Teamdonk says:

      Thanks Kensia, it has been a long time since driving these guys as singles and it’s taken me time to fit the harness properly. Merlin, the big guy, had to use his team harness as the other one wouldn’t stretch around him! Galahad and Luc have a single harness that is now just barely large enough for them. Most everything I have is made from harness leather. The saddle is a sliding backband saddle and for singles and driving on uneven ground I am a huge believer in this kind of setup.
      The Gig is another story, the seat slides back and forth to balance it for one or more people. The shafts slide in and out to adjust for length and turn to adjust for the width of the animal. They also have three adjustments for the correct animal height. It really becomes a balancing act! Once everything is properly set, the shafts will actually float in the shaft holder when driving on flat ground. It is up to you to move your weight either forward or backward in the seat to maintain that balance.
      You can make your animal so comfortable in this rig that the vehicle seems to float down the road!

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