Donkey Groceries

The Standlee Orchard Grass pellets have been procured! This is a Southern Idaho hay company that is producing a variety of pellets and marketing them nationwide.  The Teamdonk boys will soon begin their new feeding program. Click on the photo to enlarge it!

The foundation of my Donkey vitamin/mineral feed has always been beet pulp with other supplements added to offset the nutritional deficiencies.  Two important discoveries were made last spring.  First I learned that Beet Pulp contains exceedingly high levels of Iron.  Around the same time an animal nutritionist informed me that extra Iron is extremely detrimental to hooves.  That information prompted me to start exploring replacement options which in turn led me to Standlee Hay Company, Inc of Eden, Idaho. 

Orchard Grass pellets are 8% Crude Protein, 1.8% Crude Fat with 35% Crude Fiber.  They can be moistened to accommodate the Dry Molasses and Magnesium Oxide combination which fights fat pockets and helps prevent neck crests from becoming too large.  Twice a week they will continue to received ground flax seed which is great for their hooves and hair coats. A small amount of Low Non-Structural Carbohydrate Complete LMF is the only other daily ingredient I plan to add to their supplement. 

Loose mineral salt with Selenium is available to them along with plenty of clean and winter time heated water.

Free choice home grown grass hay should keep them full and warm this winter and is a great colic preventer. I really feel this is all these four mature mammoth donkeys need to maintain a healthy lifestyle without the extra calories. 

September 2012 has not been the driving month I had planned.  Hopefully the end of next week will see us out and about a few more times.


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5 Responses to Donkey Groceries

  1. Andrea says:

    I just recently discovered your blog through the Mammoth Donkey list on Facebook. I live in Potlatch and I just bought two mammoth donkeys. I love them! I wanted to ask, how much of the Magnesium Oxide do you give them? And can you explain why you feed the dry molasses?

    • Teamdonk says:

      I was just thru Potlatch, its not that far away! Can’t blame you for loving them, they make it so easy!

      I feed a heaping Tablespoon of magnesium oxide daily. It’s pretty nasty and bitter tasting so I mix a heaping 1 ounce of dry molasses to make it more palatable for them.

      Andrea, have a wonderful time with those donkeys! Thanks for writing!

      • Andrea says:

        Thanks! I never realized it tasted bad. I feed it to my fat horses and they don’t seem to mind. Now I’m tempted to try it myself. 🙂

      • Teamdonk says:

        It was my feed man who said it was bitter and a cattle feed. I just taste tested mine and guess what… it is fine! No bad taste at all! The dry molasses was for a better taste… so now I’m thinking it must be for the beet pulp? Glad you brought this to my attention. Thanks Andrea! You are right it is for over-weight and fat pockets donkeys are prone to. Let me know if you ever get to Grangeville and we’ll have a donkey play day!

  2. Ksenia says:

    I really like the Standlee products I have started to notice at the tractor supply. I will check this one out. Great to know it is a quality local product (to you). Everyone liked the beet pulp pellets we tried, so now we will have look for the hay pellets. I am always looking for a roughage supplement everyone can eat, especially since hay is so high now. The beet pulp is great for the goats’ lactation, and it was the right low protein for the pony and donkey. That’s a great tip about the iron in the beet pulp, and I will check into it.

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