Chased Out by a Challenger

It was wonderful to be back in the cart again this morning even if I did have to wait a couple of hours for it to warm out of the 30’s.  It was so worth it!  By the time we pulled out it was 53 degrees but it did’t feel too bad, the sun was warm and that helped. 

Hill Climbing on the back side of the Hard Red Wheat Field next to Day Canyon, this one is a hard pull but the boys work together and do a great job getting to the top!

Through our fields and into the Hard Red Wheat field we went.  This was to be Luc and Galahad’s trip around the perimeter.  Just as we were about to go side hilling on the back side of the field Galahad kept telling me there was something I needed to check out and sure enough there was! 

This is what Galahad heard coming toward us. Click on the photos to increase their size.

A Challenger pulling a plow was heading in our direction.  We turned uphill into the taller stubble to avoid a face to face confrontation.  He was putting a couple of rows of fire line around all the fields on that side of Jessup Road and we just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

As we were going past a scab patch of boulders and tall grass I could see a baby fawn’s long ears that mom had told to stay put.  Baby did just what she was told and didn’t move even though we were close to her.  Had she as much as twitched an ear the boys would have seen the movement but she was completely still as we passed.  That was an amazing moment of Mother Nature at her finest.

Into our own wheat field we went.  Across the road in the Barley field was this doe and twin baby fawns.  They also had ears pricked towards us sticking out of the crop but did not move as we drove a couple hundred feet below them. They are going to have to move as that crop is being harvested today.  We encountered three horses next to the easement road that had to be passed close by.  Everyone behaved themselves and it was a non issue.

Resting at the back side of the pond I snapped this picture of the island, the nesting box and the beehives in the distance.  The water level is dropping as you can see by the dark soil on the bank.

Home by way of our oat hay field is how we ended the drive.  It was 66 degrees at 11 am when we returned.  We were out exactly two hours and went a little under five miles.  The Hard Red Wheat field has been a driving blast this year and I think we will all miss it.  With a fire line comes fire and I sure don’t want to be caught in a field burn so for now we’ll move on to other fun places to drive.


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