Day Canyon Homestead

Hank is on the outside and Merlin is closest to the camera

Hank and Merlin have done all the drives they will do for the month of August 2012 with a total of  eleven hours and 30.5 miles in six drives.  Not bad for August which is harvest month around here plus my work schedule which was on the heavy side also.  This one is in the books, as they say. 

We had visitors early this morning and it took a while for the boys to settle down.  Obviously I could not see what it was, could have been elk as excited as the donkeys were. That was perfectly fine with me as the temperature was only in the low forties and it was mighty chilly.  While they settled down it warmed up enough to get ready for a Teamdonk #2 drive.

We did have a fun outing, Merlin and Hank were the first to travel the perimeter of the Hard Red Wheat field instead of just following the truck tracks in and out of the field.  I now know that from our place, around that field and back is exactly 3.73 miles and it is a terrific hour and a half drive.  Along the back side of the field we followed the fence line that puts us in full view of Day Canyon.  There are lots of rolling hills back in there and it was a great workout for the boys.  It’s always fun to go side hilling especially when the shorter donkey is on the uphill side.  We spooked seven deer.  That is as many as I saw anyway but no elk so who knows what it was this morning that riled them up!

Click on the photos to enlarge them

This is looking down on the old homestead was located in the canyon.  What remains are the popular trees and a developed spring.  I try to imagine what it would have been like living in that canyon.  You would be out of the wind for sure, you would be very hidden from the rest of the world and the view would never change much. 

As I was unharnessing the boys there was a tractor and a baler in the field we had just been in bailing the windrows we had just traveled next to.  I can see the large square bales of wheat straw from our place that he left behind.   Thursday is Luc and Galahad’s turn around that field.  Looks like we made it home just in time today!


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