It’s Happening…. :-(

Burr what happened to August’s summertime weather?  It was a cool 41 degrees when I was getting ready to go out at 6:30 this morning.  It never really heated up until later in the day.  At noon the temperature finally registered at 72 degrees.  Feels like fall is trying to slip in the side door! 

I even brushed the boys out in the sunshine instead of the shade.  Made a mental observation; Luc looks like he may have lost a little weight, while he has been existing on dried pasture grass this month.

Harnessing and visiting on the cell phone is like texting while driving …not the best of ideas!  The call ended just as I was hitching the boys to the Pacific Cart.  Off we went, thru the wheat stubble staying in it all the way to the corner where we change fields.  Galahad wanted to stop in the bottom and check out the tall grasses to see if anything was going to come running out.  It was quiet so we moved on. 

I noticed that Luc’s harness was hanging awfully low.  The breeching, the quarter straps and the neck yoke was really low.  My first thought was, “Luc, how much weight have you lost?”  My second thought was, “Luc, did you pull some of your harness loose when you were so afraid of the big bad donkey killer sheep?” (Check out the post entitled, Sheep Phobia, Guard Donkeys they are NOT!) 

 I watched the harness as we traveled and finally decided I needed to make some adjustments.  We stopped in the bottom of the Hard Red Wheat field and I raised the breeching straps.  Drove a little way uphill and the boys stopped so I thought heck I’ll work on Luc’s harness and was about to exit the cart when three running deer caught my eye…. not a good time to be working on harness or leaving the cart.  On our next stop I shortened the neck yoke and checked to make sure it was Luc’s and sure enough it was.  By now things were looking a little better except the hip ring had popped off to the side.  When we reached the grain truck parked out in the field I stopped to straighten the hip ring, oh my gosh a thought struck me…. “What if this is NOT Luc’s harness?”  A quick check of the name tag revealed that Hank is the proud owner of this important piece of driving equipment that I’m trying to fit to Luc.  “Luc, what is wrong with you, don’t you know Hank’s harness is just too big for you?”  We redesigned our drive destination to accommodate Luc’s poor fitting harness which put us into some fun new areas of the bluegrass field!

We now have a new and safer entrance to Day Road from the back end of our place, so I thought I would take Luc and Galahad thru it from the hayfield side.  It puts us directly on the easement road and I like that!  We used it earlier today and coming back I was surprised that Luc knew right where to go to get from the easement road and into the hayfield.  Good on ya, Lucers! I didn’t know if Luc had been paying attention he was so busy trying to get the stub line in his mouth, the zip tie keepers worked great and was a good decision to put them on all the lines that connect to the bit.  Luc even worked on the outside line trying to get a hold of it, no chance Luc…got ya fixed Buddy!!!

One of the fields we didn’t get into was our Oat Hay field, this decision put us above the beehives and that gave us two surprises.  First off perched on a fence post was this beautiful Golden Eagle.  You can enlarge the photo by clicking on it.


The next surprise was the beekeepers loading hives to move.  We made a wide berth around this activity!  So wide in fact it put us across two wheat fields and along the route we had already traveled, which extended our drive time and mileage. 

Not a job I would want… even though I sure don’t mind the bees and oh do we ever love the honey!!!

Good segue into today’s stats! I’ve driven close to 40 miles this month; with today’s drive my total driving mileage is 802 miles since keeping track back in July 2006!  It’s always nice to mark these occasions with Luc, my original driving mammoth donkey!  It’s double nice to have Galahad right there with us, what a great team these two have become!  Thanks guys, there will be a little something extra in the treat department for ya! 

A Special Thanks goes out to Eve our official time and mileage keeper who helps me to total all my drives, including the ones where teams get switched around or when we drive the boys as singles! The time and effort you put into this is highly appreciated!  Thanks to everyone who enjoys driving along with us and suffer through the videos and the photos, we love hearing from you so don’t be shy!  

We drive tomorrow… this time with Luc wearing his own harness!!!!!


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2 Responses to It’s Happening…. :-(

  1. Cara Drouin says:

    I know what you mean. I started the morning all goose bumpy. I’ve been hearing Canada Geese for a little more than a week now. They always pause at nearby Sandy Wool Lake.

    • Teamdonk says:

      Yes, and it will be 10 degrees cooler tomorrow morning. We have nasty winds and lots of smoke right now. Each evening I’ve been noticing the Canadian Geese coming into the pond, it’s nice to see and hear them again…but I know what that means…wish I were going with them!

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