There was a Big Donkey….with a big Whorl…

There was a big donk with a big whorl right in the middle of his forehead, and when he was good he was very very good and when he was bad he was HORRID! Times Two and they are known as Teamdonk #1! 

Luc and Galahad were excellent today.  I noticed right off the bat it was like driving a different team from yesterday.  I’ve observed this before on the first outing of a two or three day series they are not the best but will keep getting better and better the more times they go out.

We made a complete circle around the neighborhood today.  We started on the east side then we drove north.  From there we went to the south and finally ended up coming back home from the west side field.   It was an all field driving morning, my favorite and theirs too!  We started out taking the wheat field entrance that is across from the machine shed, then we drove to the Jessup Road hay field.  From there we were able to go directly into the east wheat field that Jim started cutting yesterday.  We then crossed the road into a Hard Red Wheat field that is one of my favorite long time drives.  There is a huge area in the bottom that grows tall grasses and you just never know what is going to pop out, could be Elk, Moose, Bear, Coyotes, Deer or nothing as was the case today.  Driving this field was like being the lone driver on a super Interstate Highway.  The semis had gone deep to where they could be loaded, turned around and drove back out again.  That is perfect for us!  Hard Red Wheat stubble is usually no fun to drive through.  It’s too stiff and scratchy and it is always cut high, sometimes it will rub Luc and Galahad’s bellys so this was a real treat and we’ll be in this field as much as possible!

One of the many reasons I love this field is all the great views! This is one of them. Big beautiful deep canyon with the Butte off in the far distance. This was taken very early this morning and the sun was still low on the horizon. There was not a sound, not even a whisper…. it was enchanting!! Click on the photos to enlarge them.

From here we retraced our hoof prints into the entrance of the east side field that is being harvested.  Jim purposely cut it shorter along the road and made double tire tracks which were barely wide enough for the cart, all the boys had to do was stay on the trail and they would have been out of the stubble.  Of course Galahad wants to get closer to sample the grain and Luc wants to make sure Galahad has to walk in the stubble and he gets the pathway all to himself….darn these two, they really kept me busy keeping them on the straight away!  We followed this field to the corner where we can go a short distance to access the bluegrass field.  Our drive took us all the way back to the far corner where we entered the wheat field yesterday.  Then along side of the barley field to where I could get these photos of Jim as he started to harvest the east wheat field we had driven in earlier.  Right time, right place to get some good shots and the boys were good… a little bored waiting for the combine to get close,  Luc more so than Galahad, but basically good!

As seen thru Teamdonk Ears… Luc is the dark donkey and Galahad is the strawberry roan to your right.

We retraced our steps from yesterday on the right of way road only going the opposite direction down the really steep hill, past the pond and through the tall grasses.  Going up the other side where the road has washed out I found if I keep one of the donkeys in the gully the wheels will stay up on top and the cart doesn’t want to tip.  Very good!  Then it was easy to enter into the Oat Hay Field where we had all the situations with the deer and sheep yesterday.  Luc immediately perked up looking for deer and sheep.  We found the doe, but she took off and there were no sheep in site today but Luc never ever quit looking for them.

The boys were excellent.  Luc kept taking the stub line and putting it into his mouth and wanting to be the driver.  After our drive I put zip tie keepers near where it buckles onto the bit I’ll bet I can now keep them out of Luc’s mouth.  Luc, there is always some kind of challenge to driving you… isn’t there? 

If you look close you can see tiny baby canola just starting to come up. It’s full cycle… as the wheat is harvested next year’s canola crop is growing…

We ended up with some nice stats to finish out Teamdonk’s week with Luc and Galahad’s turn to drive.  Over five miles and two hours plus today.  Temperature was in the low 70’s with a cool breeze.  The mountains are barely visible with all the forest fires and the smokey haze that is moving in. It often smells when I go outside but this morning it was wonderful.  Good drive today, Teamdonk #1… ya did me proud!


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