Soft White Wheat Harvest

It’s that super busy season on the farm with harvesting the Soft White Wheat crop.  A neighbor is getting the Oat Hay baled during the morning hours which we grew for him.  It’s never too busy to grab a few photos and a short video to share.  Double click on the pictures to enlarge them.

Here’s Jim and his John Deere Combine finishing up a section of the field.

The grain truck is poised, ready to be loaded so it can head to the warehouse, unload and then sit waiting for the next load.

Here’s a short video of transferring the crop to the truck.

The crop is unloaded and the combine is parked. Jim takes a quick check of the header before taking the load to town.

The oat hay crop is cut and some of it was baled this morning, it’s now ready to finish baling then be hauled off the field.  Like I said it is that super busy time of the year!

Every good fence line must have a solid corner post.  This barrel and posts represents what was once the end of a fence line.  Now it remains as a reminder to stand strong and unyielding even in retirement!


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