Remember We Had a Friday The 13th This Month?

This date not only came early but stayed thru haying season!  Jim replaced the old worn out swather before it was time to start putting hay on the ground.  The newer one didn’t make it all the way through haying and now professionally needs the reel rebuilt.  The round baler fared even worse, it caught on fire with flames shooting a good six feet out of its top.  Jim saved the bale, the tractor and the field but lost the bailer.  Oh my!  He’s now pulling a nice John Deere that makes super tight 550 pound round bales.  Let’s hope the fall wheat harvest goes better than haying season did!

This field is ready for the fertilizer applicator which we had first hand experience with today. Click to enlarge today’s photos.

Driving Highlights:  Luc and Galahad had their first experience meeting a D-5 Caterpillar equipped with an entourage that included, what looked to me like, a 2000 gallon fertilizer poly tank hauling some of that expensive liquid gold, a large field sprayer with about 90 ft booms and those big  floaty tires that are made to go over the freshly worked soil.  NOTE**** I was a lot more interested in how my team was going to react than the specifics of this equipment we were about to confront!****  Not only are these super heavy duty Crawlers LOUD but with their steel tracks they literally vibrate the earth.  This is one gigantic, scarie unit that carried with it the heavy smell of fertilizer and to top the scenario off it was coming straight at us with no place to escape… now how do I manage at least once a year to always get us into these situations? 

This is the D-5 we encountered, of course now it is hooked to a disk and out in the neighbor’s field.

As it rumbled closer and the boys knew they had to pass it Galahad was on the verge of pure panic when the operator cut the power to an idle and let us safely pass.  I knew that as soon as we were by he would throw the power to it, which of course he did, and I knew that Galahad was going to take off at full speed ahead.  The driver must have been watching us because as soon as it became apparent what was about to happen and before the team bolted he eased back on the power and let us get a little further down the road and away from him.  I still had to talk Galahad into maintaining control and thank goodness for Cool-Hand Luc who really kept it together and who was traveling on the inside lane closest to the equipment!

Other than that we had a fun kinda bouncy drive thru a hay field we had never been in before.  This one sits in the bottom of a deep draw, has a spring time creek that flows through the center of the field which is lined with tall Canary Grasses that was full of songbirds.  There were several spots that had different colored grasses that Luc was very cautious of and didn’t think it was safe to cross.  I’m sure in other times those are the wet spots as we could see some deep tire scars and Luc was not about to get stuck.  The boys taste tested a large square bale when I needed to stop to answer the cell phone and tell a newspaper sales lady that I was sorta busy at the moment.  She had a hard time grasping the concept of driving a team of Mammoth Donkeys in a hay field and talking to her on the phone all at the same time.  Whell lady this is your lucky day… Good Bye Now!

This was our wheat field 11 days ago, check back tomorrow to see how the colors have changed!

Today’s drive was in the 70s with a wonderful cool breeze which the boys took full advantage of.  Their maximum speed was 7.5 miles per hour, I did bring them down to a more relaxing 5.2  mph trot.   We were out over 2 hours traveling 5 ½ miles and getting some great neighborhood visiting in which took up a lot of time!  Luc and Galahad go again tomorrow at which time we’ll have to look at some month end totals for them!


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