A Hunky Dunky Donkey Driving Day!!!!

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WOW where to start?  That is a tough one, because we had a ton of firsts, a terrific drive in absolutely perfect weather conditions in spite of a horrible forecast and ole Hankers had a Hunky Dunky Donkey Day!  Everything seemed adjusted perfectly on Hank and both boys were relaxed and ready for adventure.

This time when we headed to Day Canyon, that is the really steep one that I love going thru because of all the driving opportunities it offers on the other side, Hank once again tested me by pulling back.  I kept pushing him forward until Merlin broke into a trot then a lope all the time I was pushing Hank to go forward.  As soon as he did I took the pressure off and let him relax back into a walk.  We had many of these sessions today until the last trot coming home where we had an ideal in step 5.5 mph trot with traces tight, both relaxed and moving smoothly together.  SWEET!!!

They perfected their three mile per hour moving pace both coming and going today.  We traveled 6 miles in exactly two hours!  The rest of our time was spent stopping to visit and resting.   We met two joggers and a bike rider coming to wards us, a first for the boys.  That actually is pretty spooky to see a small herd running down the road at you and a strange little vehicle that makes no sound but stays up with the runners.  As long as people will talk to us then slow to a walk the boys will accept this strange concept of them in the middle of nowhere running or biking down the road towards them. 

The first vehicle of the day stopped to visit with us at the bottom of Day Canyon where Cottonwood Creek gurgles under the road.  We were introduced to our neighbors’ guest from Finland today.  Last week it was company from England with another neighbor!  We were later passed by a local farmer pulling equipment.  He passed us slowly with a great big grin, what a sweetheart of a guy, he slowed down to not dust us or scare the boys!  While we were stopped for the fellas to catch their breath after a nice really long trotting session some folks from out of the area just stopped to admire the team and visit for a spell.  They were impressed how the boys just stood there on a loose line completely relaxed.

We passed Fall Wheat that has begun to turn golden.  That means we are about a month away from harvest unless it stays hot and dry then it could happen a little sooner.

On the way home I spotted three deer running across the canyon from us.  With blinders on the boys never saw them.  Those deer ran alongside of us for a good half mile and the boys did not have a clue!  That is a great reason for blinders what they can’t see doesn’t upset them!

Here is what happens when I speak, radar ears are tuned to the correct frequency!

Today’s Stats: To Stites Road and back 6.02 miles in 2 hours and 42 minutes.  8.9 was our maximum speed, with a 3.1 mph moving average. 

At 7 am it was 64 degrees with 62% Relative Humidity.  At 8 am it was 73 degrees with 48% Relative Humidity.  At 11:30 am it was 81 degrees with 33% Relative Humidity.  It looks as if the slow moving thunderstorms with periods of heavy rain and a chance of flooding will arrive late this afternoon or evening.  Our hay is going into round bales as I type and before the storms hit…. I Hope!!!  The boys are keeping their hooves crossed Jim gits-er done!


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