Just Mayhem NO Destruction

Mr. Murphy, you know the one…. he’s the character known as Murphy’s Law, this miserable phenomena was  an unwanted and unwelcomed guest on today’s drive with Teamdonk #2 and was totally full of havoc!  As mentioned in our last outing with these two I was going to tighten Hanks traces which I did.  By tightening those traces everything underneath him cinched him up way to tight, this has been an ongoing problem and I’m really getting tired of it.  We made a quick trip down the road to the corner, turned around and back home to unhitch and fix. 

Perfect for driving thru!

We headed back out again this time to the hay field where we have small squares to play around.  Out in the field I noticed that again everything on Hank was too tight so back we went again to unhitch and redo.  Second adjustment! This time I lengthen the quarter straps as far as they would go.  Headed out again and before we even got to the top to the hill everything was miserably tighten on Hank again.  So at the top of the hill I undid the pole strap and let it out as far as it would go. This was the third major adjustment. There was no hole for the buckles tongue to go thru but thought it would be fine.  It didn’t take long out in the hay field to notice that things were amiss so back to unhitch and redo again.  Forth time of making harness adjustments!

A few of the honey bee hives we go by in this field

This time I exchanged Luc’s quarter straps with Hanks as I could lengthen them out more. Off we went again and things seem looser on Hank but still a bit off.  We stopped and I stepped out to discover the pole strap was too loose and had pulled the hames off the collar and the tongue had now broken off the buckle, I got the hames back on the collar and hoped that would get us home.  This was our fifth adjustment!   GOOD GRIEF!!!  It was time to go home unhitch and fix again.  By the time we got back the hames were pulled off the collar again, I was hot and thoroughly frustrated!

We also get to look down on this beautiful body of water

After finding another pole strap, I worked and worked on getting everything underneath reset, then compared Hank’s to Merlin’s and just kept after it until I finally had it where it looks like it will work.  Both hames were refitted to the collars and then I went over both harnesses looking for anything that could be out of whack.

Hank was so good about everything that was happening to him.  He endured so much grief on today’s drive, I just could not believe all that from tightening the traces one notch!  I’m guessing the quarter straps on Hank have been too short all along so I’m really hoping this will fix all his harness issues.  His pole strap matches Merlin’s and I’m praying tomorrows’ outing does not see any sign of Murphy’s Law anywhere!

Both boys used the Hoof Jack today for the first time and were much calmer and better about it than Teamdonk #1 was.  It is sure a hit with me.

We did get some Gee and Hawing practice around the hay bales and we didn’t even destroy any of them! They needed it too, it was fun to not only have something to weave around but also outside barriers so they had to move over and go thru some tight spots!   It was a 3.6 mile drive and we actually drove one hour and fifty minutes but it took all morning to do it.  It was a scorcher, tomorrow we need to pull out as early as possible, the temperatures jumped from the fifties into the eighties quickly this morning! 

Oh and Hank’s traces were tight today and a non issue…YIPPEE!   At least something went right!

P.S. Looks like the buckle on the pole strap survived just fine… found the tongue undamaged!  Second YIPPEE of the day!

The heads on the wheat are filling out nicely!


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