Word of the day is Gurrrrr-ate!

Word of the day is Gurrrrr-ate!

LUC wore his super good cap today… which always makes me a bit suspicious.  Sometimes he does this just to throw me off.  They were both Gurrrrr-ate on this mornings drive, as Tony the Tiger would say!  I did have to make a couple of adjustments along the route to make them more comfortable, which they really appreciated! The next trip out for these two Galahad’s traces will be one notch shorter and then I believe this hitch is set up Gurrrrr-ate! 


The fellas are checking out our Soft White Wheat Crop!
Click on the photo to make it larger!


One thing I’ve observed about driving a pair to a two wheel cart.  Absolutely every bit of harness must be carefully adjusted to each individual animal.  Each time you shorten or lengthen one part of the harness it is unbelievable how it affects the entire setup.  Once I get each team adjusted it’s a problem to suddenly drive Hank and Galahad together because it will throw the harness adjustments off.  I think it has to do with the relationship with the two wheeled cart and the teammates.  Once I go from the two wheeler to the four wheeler driving the three and four abreast it will be interesting to see if anything changes.

Luc tried on the hames bells to see if they will work on the new buggy hames…by golly they actually work better! Luc sez that he thinks Merlin and Hank should have the honors of wearing the bells this year…. I think Luc is trying to tell me he thinks they are parade ready!

We drove all the way to Stites Road today which is six miles round trip.  It was 80 degrees when we hit the home shade and heating up fast.  Some of the trip was actually cool like when the sun went behind the occasional clouds and stayed there for awhile.  But when it was beating down it was hot and felt wonderful!


Heading down the road, enjoying the sites, sounds and smells…. this is what I live for! Driving the boys!


We had some fun trotting sessions today, the boys slowest was a 4.8 mph trot which is just barely a jog compared to the moving out 8.3 mph trot!  We were gone 2 hours and 40 minutes and just saw one little doe who did’t even stick around very long!  Watched a big hawk for a long time, he was a beauty!

These are more of the photos from yesterday’s outing.  Wednesday is our next drive!  Hay is going down today so hopefully the three and four abreast drives happen soon!


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