Luc’s being bad…again!

You pick the foot up and lay it in the fabric cradle. This has to be a quiet animal who is okay with feet being handled and will stand quietly. Click on all the photos to enlarge them.

  Luc was the first to try out the new hoof jack.  No problems except he can’t keep his hoof in it long enough for me to step back to take a photo.  It worked great on both donkeys this morning and again after our drive when I had to pick the tiny rocks out of the white line. 

I like it!

Here is Luc’s hoof as it sets down in the cradle.

It was one of those “That Darn Luc” kinda days.  I left them alone for just a moment, my bad, Luc untied himself and was off enjoying lawn grass upon my return!  Darn it Luc!  The next time I tied him underneath Galahad’s lead rope thinking if he untied Galahad that he would just stand there.  This time I ran into the house for just a moment and on my way out I almost ran smack into a donkey on the sidewalk and in the doorway!  What the? …. LUC!!!!  Darn YOU!!!!  I think Galahad was on his way into the house to tell me Luc was being bad…again!

The boys wanted to boogie this morning!  It was still cool and they were feeling so great that all I had to do was suggest a trot and off they went.  That’s the way to begin a road drive.  After stopping for a quick check of the wheat field we drove to the neighbors where they have overseas company, from south of London.  We had a wonderful get acquainted visit which included carrots for the boys, a few snapshots and lots of ear scratches.

Click on the photo to make it screen size.

This was to be our first trip around the five mile loop which includes going in and out of Day Canyon.  Since it is so steep it is a tough one for them but I knew as long as we took our time with extra stops on the hills the boys would be fine.  The canola has almost quit blooming and is setting pods right now that will soon be full of the tiny seeds that will be processed into tasty Canola Oil.  The bees are done with their job so driving past these fields is a real joy.

We stopped near the bottom of the big canyon and let the highway mower that was cutting the roadside grass go by.  The boys were good as it moved past us, it is not a very quiet machine and I was glad they were being okay about it.  It also cuts everything in its path including paper that the breeze kept moving around.  Luc was not sure about that and really did not think it was safe to pass paper that might attack him.  Problem was it was either go past that killer paper or it is a long trip if we had to turn around and go all the way back.  He made the right decision! 

At the top of the canyon we had a wonderful long trot that spooked three bachelor whitetail bucks.  We stopped and watched as they watched us before waving goodbye with their tails in the air.   Nice to see horns for a change and these boys were getting serious about growing theirs.

It was a terrific drive that lasted two hours and 15 minutes.  We had a 7.8 mph trot and up to a 4.5 mph walk with an average speed of 3 mph.  It was only 73 degrees with 35% humidity and a nice warm sun.  Thunderheads are slowly building, not good timing as we need to lay the hay down this weekend.


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2 Responses to Luc’s being bad…again!

  1. Mel N.Y. says:

    What would we do without Luc to keep us entertaind? 🙂

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