Thunderstorms; they are A-Brewin’

At first it looked too cloudy, too cold and too windy to drive, so I went to work on harness.  Found some amazing stuff that some Dufus (hanging her head in shame) put together wrong!  The neck slide that had no slide, the bridle that needed the bit stripped off and put back together without the twists.  I also caught a few little things that should have been fixed long ago on Galahad’s harness. 

About 11 the sun came out and it warmed up to a hot sultry 84 degrees with no wind!  The boys came in to water so I coaxed them into feed jail with some grass pellets and closed the gate!  It was way to warm out in the sun to do feet so I brought Luc and Galahad to the donkey trailer where there was still a spot of shade left.  This reminded me to build a muzzle for Luc as he soon started in dismantling his transportation.

It was pretty warm getting the boys harnessed and I needed a quick change into shorts and a sleeveless top as it felt like it was going to be a really hot drive.  About the time we started I noticed a refreshingly cool breeze and thought to myself how great that felt.  That breeze soon kicked up into a pretty good wind as the thunderheads started to build over the mountains. 

We watched a nice big Whitetail doe cross the road just ahead of us, leap over a fence and walk out into a wheat field.  We were underway when she finally spotted us and took off sailing over the tops of the tall headed out crop.  Both Luc and Galahad really enjoyed watching her run to the bottom of the draw and into some tall grasses where she disappeared.  She was a golden brown and looked pretty cocky as she flagged us goodbye with her white tail.

It looks like we made it back just in time as the clouds are turning black, the temperature is falling and the wind has kicked up to a good fourteen mph with gusts to twenty-one.  Mother Nature might be planning to put on quite the light show tonight and heavy rains are now in the forecast for tomorrow.

Luc and Galahad’s drive today lasted an hour and 34 minutes and they logged another 4 miles.  I quit driving them last year because Galahad was limping when we trotted, he also did this awful jump straight up while we were going down the road and was overall just being obnoxious.  Besides that I had Hank and Merlin to concentrate on.  He started doing the same shit on the way home as last year, everything but the limping.  I think fixing the neck slide solved that situation.  He will hang his head down for a dozen or so steps and act like he is pouting, then he throws his head in the air and acts like he is going to take off running.   I think he just needs his spoiled big ass driven, so that is my plan!  I’m gonna drive both their fat asses until they are back into working condition.  No summer off for Luc and Galahad!  While he was misbehaving they did get into a 4 ½ mph walk which was pretty speedy that bumped up their overall average to 3.0!  They had a 7.2 mph trot which is way too fast, but they will settle down and get back into driving mode this summer.  Too much time off for Teamdonk #1 while Merlin and Hank were getting fine tuned!  This year our goal is to have two teams of Mammoth Donkeys driving at their optimal performance!

Here is Luc and Galahad as they appeared in last year’s July Fourth 100 Year Celebration in Grangeville, Idaho.  We’ll miss being in all the Border Days parades this year!  Click on the photo to enlarge it!


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