The Cattle are Conquered!

When we arrived at the cows they were lying down.  Immediately they jumped up and to the fence they came, “Okay boys,” I told the donkeys, “keep walking, be quiet and no one will have to run!”  Merlin wasn’t sure, Hank said, “Okay,” and we walked right past them and up the road without incident.  Whew… I feel better.  On the way home only three of them stood up but no one made a move!  We did it, we conquered the stampeding unruly cows!

We had a six mile two hour drive and at times it was painfully cold.  It was 62 degrees and sunny but the wind was icy and liked to play freeze out with me. 

The boys worked at Gee and Hawing while trotting and we left some very interesting marks in the gravel.  We backed over the power line pole shadows, Merlin was interested in the deer tracks in front of him and the quail hiding off to his side in the wheat.  Hank was just a down to business “git-er-done” donkey. 

I asked the boys before we left this morning if they liked their outings?  Merlin gave me such a soft kind eye and Hank, whell he just wanted another treat for getting his feet cleaned before we went out.  I really think they enjoy the grooming, the getting out to see the countryside and the entire excursion.  I believe 100% that they like their driving job.

Beside all the luscious scenery to enjoy we were serenaded with the harmonic sounds of the prairie, the very vocal black birds, the buzz of flies and bees in flight, the crickets chirping,  it’s all quiet until you really stop to listen.

This is the Green that beats all the other Greens, soft white wheat in June!  Click on the all photos to enlarge them.  Since there is no way to verbalize just how beautiful my drives are, I went back later to take photos of the prairie scenes I had seen on today’s excursion.  Enjoy these with more to come tomorrow!

Here are the boys after today’s drive.

Merlin, Luc, Hank and with his head thru the fence as usual Galahad.


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