Finally FINALLY!!!!  It stopped raining long enough to sneak in a late afternoon drive.   Even with the non-threatening thunderheads building all around us it was a perfect afternoon to get out.  There was a light almost non breeze with the highs near 70 degrees.

The cattle came running to the fence as soon as they saw us.  I now know why!  The owner pulls up in his truck, they come running and he grains them.  So the cows are thinking grain each time they see us.  We may not be able to drive this route as long as the cattle are pastured there, this being one of my main driving roads makes me rather unhappy. Hopefully they will learn we are not the gain man and eventually ignore us! For now we just turn the corner and drive on.

I took the large snap off the neck slide and in its place added two snap shackles, just because they are known to come apart I wanted an extra one on.  That solves several of my problems.  It is so much easier to unhitch from the neck yoke with just a pull of the pins and I no longer have the fear of the bit shank being hooked into the snap, which has happened.  This is how it looks hitched.

The boys all had lots of rocks, mud and manure embedded into their hooves, so everyone was worked on to get the yuck out!  The rocks in Hank’s feet had pushed their way into the soles and the white line.  He was a little ouchy on the gravel so we only did one short jog trot.  I used the Keratex Hoof Hardener on the outside walls of Merlin’s hind feet that have pealed; he didn’t care for that stinky stuff.  The white line area of Hank’s hooves got a good dose also.  It needs to go on daily, but with the rain that is impossible.

We were out for almost 2 hours and traveled four miles.  Their walk speeds ranged from 2.7 up to 4 mph.  We have two days of rain forecasted and then a couple of good driving days!

Hank Luc Merlin and Galahad’s butt!

Today’s Photo… There is one in every crowd, this time it is not Luc but his partner Galahad!  They seemed to know we were under a severe Thunderstorm Warning.


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Teamdonk is all about Kristi's three driving and riding donkeys. Join us as we share our adventures. Meet the boys Luc, Galahad and Merlin. Don't forget to visit the older blogs at, 2010, 2011, 2012 13 & 14 add the year like this
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