Wagon Train Donkeys

I just love this photo taken this year on the Western Wagons 12th annual Lone Pine Wagon Train to Bishop, California.  The dates were May 12th to May 18th  This site will provide you with some great information 


I had asked about shoes and received this reply from Melanie Worsham who shared this photo, “Shoes are not required, just suggested.  I noticed that the donkeys were wearing boots on the front.  The donkeys names are Milton (Berle) in the middle,  Patron on the near side, and Amos on the off side.”  Looks like they had a great time getting there to me!


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Teamdonk is all about Kristi's three driving and riding donkeys. Join us as we share our adventures. Meet the boys Luc, Galahad and Merlin. Don't forget to visit the older blogs at www.teamdonk.wordpress.com, 2010, 2011, 2012 13 & 14 add the year like this www.2015teamdonk.wordpress.com
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