Video…the first!

Finally I screwed up the courage to try out the video part of the camera, yippee!! It has been cold, wet and just plain too darn nasty to do anything with the boys.  They have been holding up either in the trees or in the pasture shelter while the skies have graced us with a couple of inches of rain.  Finally today it quit raining long enough for them to do some grazing.  It’s not an exciting video but it is my first, so don’t judge to harshly, I have a long way to go and a whole lot to learn! Thanks for suffering thru this.


About Teamdonk

Teamdonk is all about Kristi's three driving and riding donkeys. Join us as we share our adventures. Meet the boys Luc, Galahad and Merlin. Don't forget to visit the older blogs at, 2010, 2011, 2012 13 & 14 add the year like this
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2 Responses to Video…the first!

  1. Mel N.Y. says:

    And of course Luc had to take a crap! 🙂

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