Pig Causes Havoc in Local Saloon

It’s time to change gears and take a step in a different direction…Cowboy Action Shooting!  Here is Jackass Jim dressed ready to play. 

Now here is Jim’s latest havoc causing adventure…

Pistols and Petticoats


Friday, May 25, 1872 All the news not fit to print! Issue 302

Pig Causes Havoc in Local Saloon

Jackass Jim reported yesterday that his saloon is a total wreck after Runamuck’s hog, brought to town to be neutered, escaped and ran amok through the streets of the town and into the saloon.

The boar, carted to town in Runamuck’s wagon, apparently leapt over the side and landed in the watering trough as the wagon pulled up to the rail. After struggling out, witnesses said it wallowed in the mud that surrounded the trough before beginning its rampage.

The pig then proceeded to run up and down Main Street, scattering horses and frightening nearby pedestrians.

Entering the Siesta Saloon, the hog upended bar stools, spattering the interior with mud. Its wild antics broke chairs and tables, spilling liquor every-where.

According to Jackass Jim, the saloon owner, the hog began imbibing the spilled spirits “like a sailor who just got into port.”

The pickled porker, according to the ani-mal’s owner, Runa-muck, then began to whistle along with the player piano. “I swear he’s much better than Sherry Wine, the saloon’s songstress!” he said, “and prettier, too!”

This was Jim’s first place award presented as a plaque at his latest Black Powder Shoot.  All in good fun! 🙂

Donkey Supervision Practice Session


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2 Responses to Pig Causes Havoc in Local Saloon

  1. Marla says:

    Sounds like fun for all! Any chance of pix of some Cowboy shooting? Would love to see some.

    • Teamdonk says:

      Marla, I added a photo to the post…that is about as exciting as it gets! Whell, for me anyway! It’s like target shooting only with fire and smoke, Black Powder that is.

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