How did you celebrate World Donkey Day?

Luc, Galahad and I had our first drive of the year!  Hitched to the Pacific cart we drove into the only wheat stubble field left from last year’s harvest.  All went well until we dropped off the ridge and all of a sudden it was soft and deep.  Luc and I decided we needed to get back on higher and drier ground ASAP. 

The boys are plumb just coming out of winter.  Luc sez, “I not plumb…. I’m fluffy”!  Both were huffing on the first hill and every one following that one.  Being behind Galahad was like driving through a white hairy blizzard, he’s decided to begin shedding his winter abundance! 

We did a little road driving and I must say that 90% of the winter upgrades worked wonderfully.  The new hames, snap shackles, trace cockeyes and the line spreaders.  I had to lengthen Luc’s check reins and make a few minor harness adjustments on both harnesses.  Tomorrow they should be ready to hitch and go!

The temperature was 70 with 28% relative humidity at the end of our drive, wonderful!  I have now surpassed 650 miles of team driving with today’s seventy-five minute drive. 

Happy World Donkey Day to all our many friends!


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Teamdonk is all about Kristi's three driving and riding donkeys. Join us as we share our adventures. Meet the boys Luc, Galahad and Merlin. Don't forget to visit the older blogs at, 2010, 2011, 2012 13 & 14 add the year like this
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1 Response to How did you celebrate World Donkey Day?

  1. Mel N.Y. says:

    On The Road Again! Lets hope for a long and fun Summer!

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