The Next Step in Photo Journalism

We’re steppin’ it up this year with our first planned hitch of the year.  The boys need a manicure and then we will be good to go that is of course weather depending! 

We’re in progress of upgrading our photography equipment.   Teamdonk will be soon be entering into the world of videography, a step up for us.  Just as soon as I can figure this all out we’ll be able to share videos on the blog and Teamdonk’s Facebook page. 

Arriving later this week is a Sony Cyber-shot Digital Camera HX200V, the specifications and features are a huge technical upgrade from my current Sony a350.  That camera has taught me a lot and I have really enjoyed using it the past four years.  Something smaller and more portable was on my radar and this one is just a pound and a half.

There are some great features in the Sony H series that tops off with a 18.2 Megapixel that will give us ultra high definition photos. The massive 30x optical/60x Clear Image zoom without losing the ability to do close ups is exciting to me.  The shutter speed at 10 fps is a definite improvement and hopefully it will work even in low light. The image stabilization reduces shake and blur which means I can be a little more flexible and that will make picture taking a lot more fun. Face detection, soft skin mode and smile shutter technology have been a big part of Sony’s DSL smaller sized cameras. The crème dalai crème is the ultra-stabilized Full HD 1080/60p videos. 

This photo was taken in low early morning light by lowering the camera into the grass and shooting in auto mode.  The photo was cropped and reduced in size and that is it.  Notice the dew drops on the grass that were invisible to the naked eye.  This new Sony has some mighty big shoes to fill.

Can you see the difference?  This photo of the same subject was taken in the afternoon in bright sunlight but with the Cyber-shot Sony camera.  There is still a great deal to learn but I am finally able to start playing with it.  


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1 Response to The Next Step in Photo Journalism

  1. Mel N.Y. says:

    Oh boy, sounds good. Can’t wait to see some movies!

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